Aug. 14th, 2009


Aug. 14th, 2009 12:36 pm
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My thirteen year old son, A, had to deal with homophobia yesterday.

A has a few friends he has over to our house pretty regularly.  One of those kids, who I'll call R, has been over many times.  Well it seems that we're not going to see R around our house much any more.

R mentioned to his parents that A lives with his two gay dads.  R's parents didn't like that. They told R he's not allowed to come to our house any more.

A happened to call R's house to talk to R, and R's mom spoke with my son on the phone.  She told my son that she didn't want R to "catch gay" by coming over.  My son told her that in that case she also shouldn't let R hang out with another one of their gang of friends, a boy named J, because his family is of African descent.  He told her that being anti-gay is just like racism.

She didn't like that and started to go on about it on the phone to my son.  So my son did a very rational thing -- he hung up the phone.

I'm very proud of my son!

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